Jump Rope Tricks, Tutorials and Training

In this section, you will find links to an expanding library of jump rope tricks, tutorials and training. All our guides are also on our YouTube channel with videos divided up by skill type.


Or you can navigate the sections below:


1) Fundamentals

This section will cover the basics and general form including arm positioning, bounce height and other fundamentals of learning jump rope correctly. 

Check out the fundamentals!


2) Tutorials

This section includes longer form videos going in depth in particular skills including double unders, southpaws and more on the way!

See our tutorials


3) Footwork 

This section showcases a library of footwork variations you can do with jump rope

See our footwork


4) Trick Library 

This section focuses on the various skills in jump rope split by core skill area which includes:

  • Crosses (body, leg and ground crosses)
  • Rotation
  • Wraps
  • Side Swings
  • Releases
  • Direction Change
  • Power Moves
  • Multiples

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5) Dope Disco

Our popular Dope Disco routines that we feature of instagram. These are routines with a skipping rope set to retro tracks from the 80s which you can follow along and give a go. These are great to workout, have fun and learn new skills. 

See our Dope Disco Routines


6) Workouts

This section features some workout ideas from us and our partners in the jump rope community

See our Dope Workouts


7) The Jump Rope Arcade

In the spirit of our retro 80s/90s aesthetic, we created the jump rope arcade which showcases a skill with progressions via the form of levels. Game 1 covers crosses and includes variations, combos and challenges and gets harder as the levels increase so you can level up your skipping game!

Play the arcade


8) Dope Combos

This section features 2 or more skills strung together into combo which are great to further your expertise in skipping and create your own routines. 

Check out our combos