If you love our brand and want to help spread the word about our products and the benefits of jumping rope, then you may be interested in joining our affiliate program where you can not only generate a 10% discount code for your network but also earn up to 20% commission on product sales. 

If you are interested in promoting us, then sign up here to register your interest where you will be able to share your social profiles for us to review.  Even if you aren't active on social but you think you would be a good fit, then you can still apply to join and just send us an email at jump@doperopes.co.uk with more details! Please also email us if you want more info about the programme before applying. 

See below for terms and conditions of our affiliate program. 



Founder, Dope Ropes


Terms and Conditions

  • Approved affiliates will get a 10% discount code to share with their following.
  • Affiliates can earn between 10-20% commission on sales depending on the products purchased. Dope Ropes Ltd set and change this at their own discretion.
  • Commission is generated from code usage and/or if their personal affiliate link is clicked and leads to a direct sale.
  • Dope Ropes Ltd can approve or reject affiliate applications and may decide not to take on more affiliates from time to time.
  • Dope Ropes Ltd can change discount %s when necessary.
  • Dope Ropes Ltd can remove discount codes and change them when necessary (for example if they are present on a coupon site).
  • Dope Ropes Ltd can reject affiliate sales where they believe the sale is from an unapproved source (for example a coupon site).
  • Commission will be reversed if the customer from a sale returns an item leading to a refund to that customer. 
  • Dope Ropes Ltd can change affiliate commission %s when necessary.
  • Dope Ropes Ltd can remove affiliates where applicable, for example as result of code sharing breaches.
  • Affiliates cannot share their code on any coupon/discount websites. If found on a third party website, this could lead to a ban. Any orders that are found to be from coupon sites will be rejected and the commission removed. 
  • Affiliates can only share their code on their own social profiles and own web properties or via word of mouth in their communities
  • Affiliates cannot run paid advertising of any form with their coupon code.
  • Self referrals generate no commission. 
  • Referrals from existing affiliates using your code generate no commission.