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Elite SRS Jump Rope Mat
Elite SRS Jump Rope Mat
Elite SRS Jump Rope Mat
Elite SRS Jump Rope Mat
Elite SRS Jump Rope Mat

Elite SRS Jump Rope Mat

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Material: Made of a super-tough vinyl foam material. 

Standard - 36" X 48" X 1/4" inches / 7lb
Jumbo - 86" x 43" x 1/4" inches / 13lb

Suitable for both skipping indoors or outdoors.

  • Extends the life of jump rope cables vs jumping on concrete or hard, abrasive surfaces.
  • Designed to reduce the "bounce" of cable speed ropes when they hit the ground. Less bounce = more consistent double unders. (More bounce = more misses.)
  • Set on your carpet/other surfaces for a flat surface for indoor jumping and to help protect your flooring. 
  • Great for reducing the impact on your knees joints when jumping rope as a degree of impact is absorbed vs hard surfaces.
  • Easy to roll up, store and clean.
  • Non slip vinyl foam material dampens vibrations that cause wear and tear to equipment and muffles noise.
  • Try to avoid getting the mat too wet or leaving it out in the rain. It will be fine but will take a while to dry out! 
  • We advise using this mat for jump rope only as it may get damaged if used with other fitness equipment like heavy weights, etc.  The soft core is designed to absorb impact from jump rope to help protect the user and the rope and not to take heavy apparatus. 
  • Please note, this mat will have wear and tear over time and won't last forever especially as it uses a soft absorbent material to absorb impact. Lifespan is impacted by frequency of use, care and rope type.

Note - due to shipping restrictions of heavy items, this may not be able to ship to all countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Amanda Miller
Brilliant choice, quality and service

Love my rope and the mat is fab - so bouncy! Great service I will be back as I improve! Thank you 😊

Does what it says it will

I got the small size and it is perfect for me.
It is non slip and helps absorb some shock which I need.

Philip Dexter
Protects floor

Nice bounce n stopping the floor getting worn out

jakub hoblik
best mat ever - jumbo size

due to size and weight it's not moving when used for jumping or other workouts
antislip works! finaly

Allan Connolly
Great product!

Really sturdy and makes skipping much easier on the joints! Would buy again!