⚡️ Fancy Feats by Lauren Jumps is now live⚡️

Want to learn jump rope quickly and efficiently as a beginner?

Want to challenge yourself with new skills and combos?

Well, Fancy Feats the app by Lauren Jumps does exactly that!

See below for more details on frequently asked questions! 

Q: What is Fancy Feats?

A NEW jump rope app helping you master the moves you see online. With our Skill Map, you will create your own style and learn the moves you like the most. In the programme section, you can learn the basics of jump rope in just six weeks.

Q: Where is it available?

Apple and Android!

Q: Is Fancy Feats suitable for new jumpers?

Absolutely! Brand new jumpers should start at the very beginning of the Skill Map and unlock moves from there. We start with the basic bounce – the first skill you need to master. Or you can complete the Beginner Crash Course from the programmes section.

Q: I'm already a good jumper - is it suitable for me?

100%. Once you download the app, mark the skills you're comfortable with as 'complete' then go from there. There are advanced skills and combos waiting to challenge you. Even the best jumpers will have their skills tested.

IMPORTANT: Always check your form against mine before you mark the skill as 'complete'. I point out common mistakes you might not be aware of in the skill tutorials.

Q: Do I have to commit to a long subscription?

Nope! If you choose the flexible monthly option, you’re free to cancel at any time. If you’d like to save some money, there are discounted 3, 6 and 12 month plans.

Q: How does the Skill Map work?

Except for the basic bounce, which is where everyone starts, every jump rope skill has one or more prerequisites you should be comfortable with before you attempt it.

This is what the Skill Map is built on. By mastering a skill (or multiple skills), you unlock new moves you can learn. Each skill is broken down into drills, meaning you build up your skill and technique over time.

Q: How long will it take to complete the Skill Map?

I’m going to regularly update the Skill Map with NEW footwork and armwork. Plus, you'll also work on combos alongside the Skill Map (which we'll also frequently add to). The idea is, you'll never run out of ways to progress!

Q: What makes Fancy Feats different to other jump rope apps?

Instead of jump rope just being one section of a huge fitness app, Fancy Feats gives our sport (and passion) the spotlight it deserves.

I've spent over a year building this app completely new from the ground up, mapping out the most fun and effective way to learn the skills you see online. The skill tutorials are incredibly detailed, but you'll find them so easy to follow and understand.

Plus, Fancy Feats is also completely unique thanks to our fun over fitness approach. Fitness is a lovely added bonus of jumping, but we do this for the love of jump rope! So while many of our community will use Fancy Feats to get fit, many also do it for fun.

Q: What ropes should I get?

All my ropes are available here.  See below for a breakdown of each rope type and you can use code 'LAUREN' for 10% of all Dope Ropes products!


Beaded ropes are the ropes I recommend for beginners or jump ropers who want to branch out into the world of tricks and footwork.

I learned everything on a beaded rope – including double unders.

Why are they so good? They’re easy to learn with. ​They hold their shape much better than PVC or wire and provide more feedback - giving you more control.

If you are looking to learn releases, a beaded rope is essential, in my opinion. To this day, I’m still my most versatile with a beaded rope.


PVC ropes are great for adding speed! I love 5mm PVC ropes because they’re light enough to get that speed, but still weighty enough to give you feedback. But If you like the properties of PVC and want something with more feedback, 6mm PVC is great option.

I can still do tricks with a PVC rope, but it took a lot of practice. It’s great for fast footwork combos!

You can learn with a PVC rope, but it tends to be much harder. Especially when it comes to releases. That being said, a lot of people get their first double under with a PVC rope.

Long handles

When the tempo is fast and there’s a lot of crossing skills or complex multiples, I sometimes use long-handle ropes.

If you're really struggling with certain skills, long handles extend your reach - giving you more room for error. For this reason, This also makes these ropes great for complex multiples.

It’s best to learn with short handles as it teaches you good form, but if you’re really struggling with mobility or want to attempt trickier combos at speed, you may want to consider long handles.

Equally, if you’re a ninja with short handles, you’ll be even more ninja with a long handle when it comes to speed.


Wire ropes should be avoided by beginners. They're also NOT suitable for tricks and footwork as they’re difficult to control.

Once proficient on a beaded or pvc rope, wire ropes can add a crazy amount of speed to simple footwork (basic bounce/speed step/run in place) and double unders. They’re often used in jump rope competitions and CrossFit for this reason.

I only use my wire rope for double unders in CrossFit. If you want to max out your double unders, I recommend nailing them on PVC before moving onto wire.


Now that you have access to both the ropes and the app, you will be jumping like a pro in no time!!